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The Indian leaders are calling this a "ONCE IN A LIFETIME/NEVER BEFORE IN HISTORY" event! In June of 2017, Operation Disciple India lit an unquenchable fire in the hearts of the pastors and leaders who were trained. Most had never even heard of a Disciple Making Movement (DMM) training program before. These religious leaders were NEVER trained to multiply disciples. As a result of the June training, they have presented The IDMI with a phenomenal opportunity! We've been asked to return to India and train top religious leaders from 18 states. These Trainees are fluent in English but from 18 different states and language groups. These leaders will be equipped with the entire IDMI Disciple Making Movement training so they can return to their states, train, and launch multiple DMMs. We cannot emphasize enough the potential results of this project beyond our wildest imagination!! So we NEED your help to turn this wonderful opportunity into a reality! Below is further information regarding how this opportunity is going to operate, and how your contributions are being allocated.
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The Operation

Phase I of Operation Disciple India created a great hunger in those who were trained.

First, additional Disciple Making trainings are to occur throughout 18 of India’s states, in their respective languages.  Currently, India has approximately 2,000 unreached people groups, so through this operation, we plan to reach out to them and disciple them all.  2nd, we will produce a professional video recording of our entire training program.   This video recording will be part of a video training series that will be used repeatedly by both future trainers, and trainees.  The recording will be dubbed into all languages where training is held.   The training video series will also be published online so the DMM trainees can always have it readily available for their use.  Third,  as part of this recording, our 1st recorded version will be in Telugu.  This is the primary language spoken during our June 2017 training.   This training series will be posted online for the benefit of the previously trained leaders.    Having this availability will help cement this training in their hearts, minds, and lives.  Last, but not least, this is the exciting part!!…upon completion of the dubbing into Telugu, the DMM training video series will be broadcast on local Christian TV to help reach a larger audience!   This last step is critical as it supports our overall goal to see India discipled for Jesus, and see this country become one of the greatest missionary sending nations in history!   With over 1.4 Billion souls, India has the human resources to finish the Great Commission!  For more info watch this (Webinar about PHASE II).

Cost of The Operation

This great opportunity will require significant funding to be a  success.   We’re able to accomplish the above operation for just $25,000.00.   This is minimal compared to what it would cost to do this in the U.S. ($1 Million).  Donations will cover the following:

  • Transportation:   We will need transportation expenses covered for these leaders to travel from the various Indian states where they live and minister.
  • Meals:  Meals for all trainees and trainers during their travel and training (Some will travel up to 4 days each way).
  • Lodging:  Is required for all trainers and trainees in a secure facility.
  • TV Recording Operation:
    • This expense will consist of the staff to record, and provide a full DVD English set of the training series to give to each participant after they complete their training so they can use it to launch their Disciple Making Movements in their own states!
    • The dubbing will then begin with the language of Telagu which will then be published online to be readily available for viewing by all.
    • The cost includes the 14 hours of broadcasting on Christian TV in India.

As you can imagine The IDMI organization sees a potentially unprecedented impact within the opportunity before us.   In a country, stricken with poverty, and daily struggle for basic necessities of life, there is a deep hunger to know and follow Jesus Christ through becoming a disciple of his.   We should not pass this opportunity up to satisfy this hunger.   Here at The IDMI, we hope you feel the same!  Please take a moment to make your best (end of the year) contribution by clicking on the ‘Donate’ button above.   Your contribution is very much appreciated.


Kurt Olson & The IDMI Organization


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