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PHASE II - TRAINING AND SENDING HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DISCIPLE MAKERS INTO THE MOST UNREACHED PARTS OF THE WORLD! While creating a video training series to disciple the nations through technology! Won't you help us reach our goal!
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Praise God with us! God is moving in India! Many years ago, the Lord gave me (Kurt) a vision of a large fire being used to start many other fires. Something like dynamite was thrown into the fire. When it exploded, burning embers flew everywhere and landed in dry grass. Those embers started other fires that began to burn everything around them. This reminds me of when Paul described the Kingdom: ‘For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power (dunamis).’ (1 Cor 4:20). A number of English words have been derived from this word for power, one being dynamite (a powerful explosive)… Isn’t it interesting Paul used that term when describing what the Kingdom of God is like? You can help set the leaders of India ablaze with the Dynamic Power (dunamis) of the Kingdom of God! We are so close to meeting our goal. Time is short. Won’t you help us?

Here is a pictorial description of this vision:

PHASE II – Operation Disciple India

Our initial campaign for Phase II of Operation Disciple India (Dec 10 – Jan 21) successfully raised $13,840. With those funds we have made the down-payments on:

  • ~The meeting hall. 
  • ~Food and lodging for the training days.
  • ~Travel for the participants (They are very poor and most don’t receive an income from their work as pastors).
  • ~Video production company.
  • ~Professional recording crew.
  • ~DVD training video production.
  • ~Plane tickets and visa.

Operation Disciple India continues! Since June of 2017 hunger for Disciple Making Movement (DMM) training has increased.  We will be training 70+ senior leaders,  and they will return to their respective states, and language groups to train all of the pastors they know.  Those pastors will be equipped to launch and multiply Disciple Making Movements of their own. We cannot emphasize enough the potential this project!  We are asking you to prayerfully consider joining God in what He is doing through this project! 

This training will take place in central India in the middle of March.   Many pastors will be trained in each of India’s 18 primary languages.  This training is vital to these believers who are living under increasing persecution because they learn to be the church everywhere.  The demand for this training has continued to dramatically increase.  To meet this need we will be creating a + – 14 hour video training series from this PHASE II training that will be used in training and followup all over the world! In addition to all this, there are approximately 2,000 unreached people groups in India today.   These groups are part of the overall Phase II DMM focus.   With India’s population of over 1.4 billion, you can have a significant impact in launching multiplying Disciple Making Movements across India.   Won’t you partner with us as we partner with God to disciple India and the World!?

Thank You!

 Please take a moment to donate by clicking on ‘Donate’ button above.   We greatly appreciate your contribution!  Let’s disciple India to Christ! 


Kurt Olson & The IDMI

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