The ministry of the IDMI began as a humble response to a personal encounter with the Lord.  One early morning the Lord said to Kurt, “I told you to, ‘go and make disciples….’”  Since that encounter in 2012 The IDMI was born and our First Century Discipleship training has been conducted in many nations around the world!  Thousands upon thousands of disciples have been made and multiplying movements of disciples continue to grow in several locations globally!

Because this ministry has taken us to the far corners of the earth, our trainers have literally had to hide from radicals and rebels, flee from police in India and hide from the Taliban in Pakistan.  They have also been in danger from snakes, elephants, wild buffalo, and tigers just to name a few. It has all been worth it as we see His kingdom advancing through disciple making movements.

These first few years have been an experiment of sorts.  We have been showing people what it meant to be a disciple of Jesus in the first century and how to develop those character traits in their own lives.  We take people back to the practices of the New Testament church and move forward from there.  We needed evidence that it really worked.  We needed proof that the same process Jesus taught to disciple ALL nations 2000 years ago is still relevant for discipling nations today!  And boy…is it EVER!

Whenever we conduct a training, multiple invitations follow.  Even as I write this, opportunities and invitations to conduct this training abound along with requests for repeat training’s and follow-up. This is all good news-but it does present a challenge.  You see, taking this training has been compared to “trying to drink from a fire hose”..There is so much coming at you that you simply can’t get it all!  It is common, at the conclusion of the training, to have attendees asking when they can go through it again.   Unfortunately we are unable to meet those requests because of time, location, and funding.

In order to meet this challenge (through prayer and careful consideration) we sense the Lord leading us to SHIFT GEARS.

Through a few connections we really feel the Lord is directing us to make a high-quality video series of the entire IDMI training…sound like a daunting task? It is! But it’s also doable…

Once the training is filmed in a professional manner it will then be dubbed into many languages of varying people groups where we will be training,  In this way, we will be able to meet increasing demand for repeat training’s and follow-up.  The videos will be posted online, so anyone can view them at their own pace and convenience-anytime, anywhere.

Imagine this: you are a pastor and after 25 years of trying to fill a building with people, you attend a training and suddenly catch the VISION of going to the lost and making disciples who continue to make more disciples-and transform your community from the inside out!  Or imagine you are a leader in India who said the “entire foundation” of his ministry has shifted as a result of the training!  Or a 30-year veteran pastor in Nigeria who said, “This training has been the greatest experience of my life! These stories are real and are just three examples among thousands who have had similar experiences.  If you were among these people, wouldn’t it be wonderful if the training would be available online, AND in your language so you could reference it again and again?

Our Lord continues to lead us step by step through this adventure we call life.  After much prayer and seeking the Lord we truly believe THIS is His next step for us at The IDMI in expanding His vision to make disciples of all nations.  This video project will greatly improve our ability to fulfill our mission of “Finishing the Great Commission” by launching multiplying movements of obedient disciples of Jesus Christ in every nation on earth.”  This will be a GIANT step forward in our ability to “make disciples of all nations.”  We are privileged and honored to have even a small role in what Jesus is doing throughout the world today.

Jesus said, “None of you can be my disciples unless you give up everything you have.” Luke 14:33  Kurt and Carrie are living this and they will continue giving up their lives to further His kingdom and make disciples who make disciples who make disciples no matter the cost!  Won’t you join them and partner with The IDMI?!  We ask you to please pray and do as the Lord directs.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Please pray that The IDMI will have the wisdom, guidance, and resources to accomplish everything The Lord had laid before them.

2. Arrange a meeting for the IDMI to speak to your congregation, mission board, Bible study group or even a gathering of your mission minded friends.

3.  The IDMI would really love to share more with all of you in person. Call us if that is of interest to you and we will arrange a meeting.

Thank you for your prayers and support of this ministry.  We could not do it without the partnership of faithful friends like you.

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