PHASE II of Operation Disciple India gathered trainees from every corner of India.  India is the most unreached nation on earth with 33 states and 22 official languages.  18 of these languages were represented at this training.  Many Indians speak 3 languages, Hindi, English, and their tribal language.  

The leaders we trained are already seeing results. One group (in a very hostile area) saw 5 souls baptized within just a couple weeks of completing the training and putting Jesus’ principles into practice.  

We are using the video footage from this event to create a training series these leaders will use to train many other leaders in their region.  When the training series is completed, we will begin to dub it into the different languages of the leaders who attended this Phase II training.

Please join us in praying for true, obedient, disciples of Jesus to multiply all over the nation of India.  May the power of the gospel break through the strongholds of Hinduism.  May Jesus be glorified as the one TRUE God in a nation filled with idol worship and may His spirit reign in the hearts of all.  


Lastly, before heading home, I  had the honor of training a small group of YWAM students who were about to go for outreach.  (Pictured Right)  May the Lord use them to be successful disciple-makers for the rest of their days.

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