In July of 2016 I received an email which contained a video of a man preaching the gospel to over 100,000 Muslims and even to some Taliban leaders.  Since this bold and courageous man shared about Jesus to this audience he has been overwhelmed with thousands of requests for bibles.  Because The IDMI is all about making disciples, I emailed this man and simply asked how they planned to disciple those who were to receive bibles.

He and his leaders went to our website and after prayer felt they should invite us to come conduct a training in biblical discipleship and DMM.  After prayer I felt I should accept the invitation even though I would need a visa and that would not be easy.  My host sent invitation letters and I submitted my application to the appropriate office in Chicago.

Their website said they would process the visa in 5 days so I went ahead and purchased the airline ticket.  Then, just 3 days before my flight I called their emergency line and was told it was going to be 4-6 weeks.  “What?” I thought, “but your website says 5 business days.”  Frustrated but trusting Jesus, I prayed and felt the Spirit prompting me to email them a screen shot of their own website where it says “5 days”.  Right before I sent the email i noticed a phone # in the screen shot and I felt led to call it.  To my total surprise, someone actually answered!  (I had called that number a dozen times and NEVER gotten a real live person).

At this point it was just 2 days before my flight.  They looked at my email and promised, if my host would call them, they would issue my visa the next day.  I called my host and woke him up (it was the middle of the night in his country).  He called them immediately and the next day I found myself spending the whole day in my car driving to and from Chicago to pick up the visa in person.

The next day i drove back to Chicago to catch my flight out of O’Hare.  Roughly 20+ hours later I exited my plane and was greeted by hot humid air and temperatures in the mid 80’s at 2AM.  I found my bag and walked out into the night.  My host met me within 2 minutes.

First they greeted me with flowers and then a group of men came running toward us.  These men were all armed with AK-47’s.  It was a bit unnerving to be surrounded by men with machine guns until my host informed me that they were there for protection.  That was a bitter-sweet revelation.  It is hard to describe the feeling of being in a place where you need a security team simply because you are from the USA.  I also wondered if the presence of the security might arouse undue curiosity.  All I could do was trust God and do the work I had come for.

My host and his wife insisted I take their master bedroom (notice how ornate it is) and they, (with their 4 kids) all slept in the same room across the hall.  I was humbled by their gesture and was grateful because it was the only part of the house that had AC.  With temperatures over 100 each day and lows in the mid 80’s at night I really appreciated their generosity (and the A/C).

There was also a team of missionaries from china in this home who were in this country to disciple the minority “Christian” population (These people are “christian” by birth and NOT because they truly are saved or truly follow Jesus).  I had the privilege of training them in the evenings after the main training had ended.  Much of the “christian” population is this nation lives in slavery to the M*sl*m slave owners.  Our hope and prayer is that a multiplication of true disciples will begin among these slaves and will even effect the slave owners.

The main training was held in a large church building just a couple of miles from the largest Taliban controlled mosque in the city and was scheduled for 3 days.  The first day around 200 pastors and leaders attended from 3 Muslim countries.  The next day there were even more people.   Several more rows of chairs were added in the back of the room.  The IDMI training is so simple and yet revolutionary that word spread fast.

The morning of the third day my host received a call from a local government official stating there was suspected terrorist activity in the neighborhood where we were meeting and we should NOT meet that day.  So we moved the meeting to a much more secure facility and reduced our numbers to around 50.  Now I can’t say for sure that our meeting was their target but I imagine that 300+- Christian leaders from 3 nations all gathered in one place in a nation where the majority view us as infidels would be quite temping to a terrorist.  We later learned the government arrested 5 terrorists in the neighborhood where we had been training on the VERY DAY that we moved the training!  Praise God for His protection!!

During one of the evening training sessions with the Chinese team someone came into the room and said that there was a man and his wife outside needing prayer.  My first thought was, “can they wait?  I’m training people how to follow Jesus here.”  Then the Spirit said, “This is a chance to put into practice what you are training them to do.”  Of course the Spirit is always right so we all went out to pray for this couple.  The man had been bitten by some insect and the bite had gotten infected.  The infection was ravaging his body.  His internal organs were not working right.

The Chinese team leader immediately said that she sensed the presence of evil.  Well, in the end of the book of Mark we are told that we will place our hands on the sick and they will get well.  We all placed our hands on the man and commanded the evil and the illness to leave him in Jesus name.  He told us that he felt something leave him.  It went up his back and out of his body through the back of his neck.  He also said that he felt a loosening in his abdomen where
everything had been all stopped up.  He left feeling free of the evil and healed of his infirmity.  Jesus said, “These signs will accompany them that believe,” so we should expect Him to heal people and not to be surprised when it happens.  Actually, I think we should be surprised when it doesn’t happen.

A FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY has developed as a result of this time.  The man who invited me is very well connected throughout the entire Middle East.  He would like to launch a multiplying movement of disciples in EVERY M*SL*M nation on earth!  Our plan is to bring together Christian leaders from each of these nations (in one location or by language groups) and to train them how to disciple their own nation!  The training of The IDMI simply trains people how Jesus trained his disciples so they would know how to disciple nations.

The people of the Middle East have never been more open to the message of Christ than they are today!  This project will bear much fruit but it will also be quite costly.  We are estimating that to conduct this training well we will need roughly $50,000.00.

Please pray and ask the Lord of the Harvest how He would have you participate in this project.

As always, Thank you for your support.  SUPPORT

Your brother

Kurt Olson

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    • November 14, 2016

      Amen Brother! He is our ever present help in times of trouble.

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