Making Disciples of all Nations

Our Story

We are a group of people who endeavor to teach and train people everywhere how to live as true, biblical and obedient disciples of Jesus Christ.

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We have a great desire to see our nation reached, as did Paul for his nation, yet we go where we are sent and we leave the growth to God.



The IDMI training is for anyone who wants to be used by God to fulfill the Great Commission in these last days.

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Changing People’s Lives

  • Carol Garrett – Appleton, WI
    "Thanks for investing in us (and the kingdom!) last weekend. I can hardly put into words all that has changed. A passion has been ignited in my heart, and is being reflected in my conversations, actions, and desires for the future. I have even been talking about DMM and discovery bible study in my dreams this week!"
  • Shannon Schraufnagel – Sparta WI
    “(In the training) we studied simple verses that I thought I had known well (and looked at) exactly what the disciples did. It started to open up horizons I had taken for granted. It challenged my mediocre Christianity, and simple understanding of scripture…. and made me realize there is a huge difference between "being" a Christian and "being" a disciple. It had a phenomenal impact on my life, and many others I know."
  • Mission Leader – Middle East
    Sister S. and Sister D. are doing DBS among teens. Two local sisters are being trained.Teens enjoy the interaction in DBS, and they are growing in wisdom. They also obey the teaching and keep sharing what they learn with their parents, siblings, even friends.Last weekend, teens went out to share the good news in the community and prayed for the sick. People got healed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aren’t there enough lost people in this country? Why bother traveling overseas?

We believe that every person should here the gospel once before anyone hears it twice. As of this writing there are still Billions of souls in thousands of people groups who have never heard the gospel even once.

Also, Jesus express commands included the words, “all nations” and “to the ends of the earth” and He is being quite literal as He deals with us on this matter. The apostle Paul was an apostle to the gentiles even though he was a Jew. We have a great desire to see our nation reached, as did Paul for his nation, yet we go where we are sent and we leave the growth to God.

How do I become a trainer with the IDMI?

We give away our training after the first time attending.

Experience has shown us that typically after attending the training 3 times a person begins to feel confident to share it with others. Holy Spirit then begins to provide invitations and opportunities to that person as well.

How would a person go about launching or starting a DMM?

We believe that everything in the Kingdom of God should be birthed in prayer. So, first we would suggest that you ask the Lord of the harvest to make you into a laborer in His harvest field. Ask Him to show you what group of people you are to disciple. Look for a Person of Peace (Luke 10).

Start a DBS in the home of the Person of Peace (This may be your own home). The group should meet once or twice a week and commit to share and obey the scriptures.

In the days you are not gathering with the other believers, we recommend that you study the bible using the three column method as found on this site. This will strengthen you as a disciple of Jesus seven days a week.