Don’t you love it when God does something awesome!?

The other  morning my phone began to ring.  It was Esther Taka calling from Uganda.  Esther was living on the streets just a couple of years ago.  A young man went right out from and IDMI training and led Esther to Jesus.

Within just a few months Esther had the nickname of “Gods mobile hospital” because everywhere she went, she laid her hands on sick people and they were getting healed!

Today, Esther is just in her mid 20’s and she loves Jesus, has dedicated her life to serving Him and making disciples in the practice of her daily life.

Now, just over 2 years since she came to Christ,  she is training a group of younger people to be disciple makers.  They also are seeing that the power of Jesus is available to them and are seeing people get healed, set free, and become disciples of Christ through their efforts.

Recently, Esther and her trainees went into a village and led a number of people to Christ.  It is Esther’s habit to baptize new followers of Christ as soon as possible after they come to Jesus.

This young disciple maker even carries a collapsible pool with her wherever she goes so she can baptize all the people who come to Christ because of her preaching! This village was no exception.  Esther told all of those who had come to Christ to go home and get a change of clothes because they were going to be baptized. 

It hadn’t rained in that village for 7 months so they were in a serious drought situation. The people laughed at her because it hadn’t rained there in so long.  At Esther’s prodding, they all went on got their change of clothes anyway.

Esther set up her pool and then went with her young disciples to try and buy water.  The village was out of water so her trainees said, “what are we going to do?”  Esther replied and said, “If God wants us to baptize these people then He will provide the water.  If He doesn’t provide the water then He must not want us to baptize them today.”

The people began coming back down the dry and dusty lanes to where the pool was set up.  It was a tense scene, everyone standing around Esther in a circle.  She had promised that they would be baptized that day.  When the people had all assembled some of them began to ridicule Esther.

(Esther baptizing in her pool in another village)

They were saying, “you had us all go home to get dry clothes because you said that we would be baptized today and here we are with our dry clothes and you have no water!”

At that moment, out of a clear blue sky, a cloudburst rolled onto this village beyond anything they had ever seen!  They dry dusty streets turned into streams, the pool was filled and everyone was baptized.  People were saying to Esther, “what is this?”  All she could say was, “It is The Lord!  It is The Lord!”

Now these new disciples have formed New Testament Jesus fellowships; are learning from Gods word; putting it into practice; and making more disciples.

Join me in praising The Lord for this miracle.

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