We are so grateful and thankful for you. Your amazing support of The IDMI is what makes this ministry possible. We appreciate you ALL immensely!! Part of our 2020 vision is to hold 4 trainings in Uganda and Rwanda in February 2020. Would you please help us train 1320 pastors and leaders there? These brothers and sisters are RICH in spirit and service to the Lord. It is no wonder they are located in the center or ‘heart’ of Africa. That is why we are calling this campaign “THE HEART OF AFRICA TOUR”. We are able to train them for just $8.32 each! How many will you sponsor? Please Prayerfully consider a donation and help us train disciples who make more obedient disciples!! Help us disciple Africa for Jesus which will help us disciple this WORLD for Jesus!! LORD MAKE OUR VISION 20/20 in 2020.
129.83% Raised
$14,216.60 donated of $10,950.00 goal
31 Donors
Campaign has ended

The Heart of Africa Tour includes two U.S. based brothers who are considering becoming IDMI Biblical Discipleship trainers. This will expand global disciple-making.

Of course,  these trainings include our usual expenditures of feeding, housing, and travel for our trainees and ourselves. We need your help to sponsor the trainees. We are able to do all of this for just $8.32 per trainee! This means $83.20 will sponsor 10 trainees, $208 sponsors 25,$416 sponsors 50, $832 sponsors 100 trainees, and just $1,664 sponsors 200 trainees.

With your sponsorship, we can train these Pastors and Leaders so they can lead people to multiply and obey Jesus Christ!

To sponsor, simply decide how many trainees you want to sponsor, click the button above, and follow the steps. Thank you for all the support you continue give us.

With your gifts, you are gaining friends who will welcome you when you get to Heaven. Luke 16:9.

For any questions email: info@theidmi.org or call Kurt @ 920-915-4386

May 8 2020  Late Update Wow! This training was amazing!  So many were trained! Whole families had come to follow Jesus and several New Testament churches were started before we even returned home!

This campaign raised much more money than we thought we would need but God knew our real need.  Between needing to buy hundreds of bibles for the trainees and paying “the American Rates” to greedy business people, we had just the right amount.  Isn’t God good?

Thank you for your support.

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