Recently, the Lord led some IDMI Disciple Makers to a remote village on Mt. Elgon, in the northwestern part of Kenya. Where the disciple-making movements are expanding. In fact, our team leader Isaac shared, " many of them are turning to Christ, and becoming disciples of Jesus!" Unfortunately, in the midst of this good news, these new brothers and sisters in Christ are infected with a terrible disease (Tungiasis). This disease is caused by parasites most commonly known as, Jiggers or Sand Fleas. This tiny parasite burrows itself into the feet and hands of an individual and attaches itself to blood vessels. Then is swells to roughly 1000x's it's original size! Like a mosquito, the blood is used to make eggs. The parasite lays the eggs inside the hosts skin and when those eggs hatch there is an outbreak. The results from this disease doesn't just cause swelling, itching, and pain, but can quickly lead to a more dire consequence: Gangrene. As we all know, gangrene results in amputation. This disease has caused the children to stop walking to school. Adults that have become infected with the disease, as well as those taking preventative measures, have become extremely limited with work, as well as caring for their families. The elderly have become captive in their homes. Worst of all, due to widespread cultural beliefs, diseased people are often shunned due to the "curse" that is painfully visible upon their body. As we penetrate further and further into the least disciples parts of the world we have Jesus as our example. He healed the sick, fed the hungry, and gave eternal life to all who desired it. Please prayerfully consider helping your new brothers and sisters in Christ so they no longer have to live with this horrible, debilitating condition.
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There is NO cure, but thank God there is treatment!

At this time to treat this disease, a team of Disciple-Makers is holding a medical clinic to heal the villagers.  It’s requiring:

  • 3 Nurses for 3 days or more
  • Food, lodging, and transportation of the nurses and their assistants (who are also Disciple Makers)
  • Medical equipment and the liquid treatment itself. 

This crisis reminds me of the woman in the bible who was bleeding for 12 years.   She had used all her money attempting to get help and be cured.   She was so desperate for healing she pushed through the crowd in hopes of touching Jesus clothing.   We all know how this story ended.   She DID touch Jesus and He felt power leaving him as she was HEALED!  Jesus parting words to this woman were, “Go in peace be freed from your suffering.” 

I don’t know about you, but I long to say those words to as many people as possible, especially those I meet who are hurting and hopeless.   Just think about it…”Go in peace be freed from your suffering.”  As disciples of Jesus, we should long to imitate our rabbi Jesus, to see people healed and set free.   Jesus always had compassion on the hurting and less fortunate and that is why I bring these situations before you, to give you the opportunity to serve and imitate Jesus! 

Hopefully, you are compelled to help these villagers, and newly made Disciple-Makers be freed from this suffering.    If you do, then please donate so their medical assistance, and the training of 100 people can continue.   The overall cost is $3K, and we’ve already raised $1,430.00! 

Always keep in mind Jesus statement, “Whatever you do to the least of these brothers of mine you do to me.”   

Any questions regarding this campaign, you can just tap on our Facebook Messenger in the lower right-hand corner of your screen, and we’ll be more than glad to answer any questions you may have! 

Thank you very much for your support and God bless you and your family! 

Learn more about Tungiasis. 


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