You may be wondering how you can start a Disciple Making Movement. Many people are feeling God drawing them into a deeper and more meaningful spiritual existence. If God is stirring your heart to live the life that will have the greatest impact possible then starting a DMM is what you have been looking for.

We believe that everything in the Kingdom of God should be birthed in prayer. So, first we would suggest that you ask the Lord of the harvest to make you into a laborer in His harvest field. Ask Him to show you what group of people you are to disciple. Look for a Person of Peace (Luke 10).

Get yourself trained in the principles of Disciple Making Movements using the Discovery Bible Study as the driving force of the movement. We will gladly come and train you if you request it. Once you’ve been trained we suggest that you start a DBS in the home of a Person of Peace (This may be your own home). The group should meet once or twice a week and commit to share and obey what they are learning in the scriptures.

In the days you are not gathering with the other believers, we recommend that you study the bible using the three column method as found HERE. This will strengthen you as a disciple of Jesus seven days a week.

It really IS that simple! You learn what it really means to be a disciple of Jesus; commit to becoming a disciple according to Jesus definition; and help other people do the same.

Contact us. We would be glad to help.