Aren’t there enough lost people in this country? Why bother traveling overseas?

We believe that every person should here the gospel once before anyone hears it twice. As of this writing there are still Billions of souls in thousands of people groups who have never heard the gospel even once.

Also, Jesus express commands included the words, “all nations” and “to the ends of the earth” and He is being quite literal as He deals with us on this matter. The apostle Paul was an apostle to the gentiles even though he was a Jew. We have a great desire to see our nation reached, as did Paul for his nation, yet we go where we are sent and we leave the growth to God.

Where do the invitations to train come from?

The short answer is, “The invitations come from the Holy Spirit.”

As these movements multiply across different regions of the world, “Good news travels fast.” People share with others and then they invite us to come and train.

How do I become a trainer with the IDMI?

We give away our training after the first time attending.

Experience has shown us that typically after attending the training 3 times a person begins to feel confident to share it with others. Holy Spirit then begins to provide invitations and opportunities to that person as well.

Is this training always well received and does it always result in a DMM starting?

It has taken years to learn how to present this information in a way that is not offensive to those who are highly invested in the traditional system of Church.

Even though we feel we do an excellent job of this, and the facts are really irrefutable, not everyone is ready to transition back to the original form of the church. Some won’t even acknowledge that there is a legitimate way of being the church other than what they are doing.

So, “NO” it is sometimes rejected out of hand and other times it is received as truth but never makes it into the spiritual practices in the lives of the trainees.

How is this ministry funded?

This ministry is funded by the faithful contributions of mission minded individuals and congregations who have caught the vision of DMM and recognize that the world is desperate for Jesus and the church desperately needs to return to her roots and get back to fulfilling the great commission the way that Jesus trained His followers to do it.

Many places in the world today are so poor that cannot afford to bring trainers in but once we have come, they tend to put the training into practice and multiply like rabbits.

Who should attend this training?

The IDMI training is for anyone who wants to be used by God to fulfill the Great Commission in these last days.

It is designed for people who have extensive experience in the traditional church system with its buildings and clergy.

A person who has little to no experience in that system need not attend the training but rather can just start a movement among their friends and family or as the Lord leads.

How would a person go about launching or starting a DMM?

We believe that everything in the Kingdom of God should be birthed in prayer. So, first we would suggest that you ask the Lord of the harvest to make you into a laborer in His harvest field. Ask Him to show you what group of people you are to disciple. Look for a Person of Peace (Luke 10).
Start a DBS in the home of the Person of Peace (This may be your own home). The group should meet once or twice a week and commit to share and obey the scriptures.

In the days you are not gathering with the other believers, we recommend that you study the bible using the three column method as found on this site. This will strengthen you as a disciple of Jesus seven days a week.

How about “Going to church”? Do all these new disciples attend church?

This may come as a surprise but in the Bible, we don’t see a command to “go to church.” We DO see a command to not give up meeting together (Hebrews 10:25) which is faithfully observed in these movements.

In the days of the New Testament, and in many cultures today, the followers of Jesus were and are persecuted and in hiding, so meeting in large gatherings in religious buildings is NOT recommended due to the high profile target it creates.

Our view is that all followers of Jesus should be disciples who make other disciples. So, while continuing to gather with other believers in some way is of paramount importance in the life of a believer, whether someone attends religious services in a religious building on special days is entirely up to them.

Is The IDMI a church and if not, what is it?

  • The answer to this question depends upon how you define the word “church”. You see there are 2 forms of church.
    • There is the one found on the pages of the New Testament and,
    • There is the one found in the traditional religious systems of the world.
  • If you are asking if we conform to the religious traditions most of us consider to be “church” then the answer is “no” we are NOT a church.
  • On the other hand, if you are asking if we are a network of households and individuals who are connected by the love of God and a passion to fulfill His desires in this world as the “church” is depicted on the pages of the New Testament. Then, “YES” we are CHURCH.
  • In the days when the bible was written the “church” was being accused of turning the world upside down (Acts 17:6) and they were reaching millions with the good news of Jesus (Acts 19:10). They did all this without seminaries, buildings, clergy, special meeting days, or even the weekly sermon.  Instead, they had the Love of God, The Power of The Holy Spirit, and a passion to reach the world for Jesus.  They gathered in small groups primarily in homes with no thought of growing large congregations, yet they had a tremendous impact on the world around them.
  • Today God is restoring his church to the way it was in the beginning and The IDMI is part of that restoration. We have found that doing things the way they were done at first is the most effective and efficient way to go.

How can I get involved?

  • So glad you asked. There are several ways you can get involved.  One for every level of comfort and interest.
    • Receive our monthly newsletter by clicking HERE
    • Pray – If you are a praying person click here and receive additional prayer requests as they arise.
    • Give – Travel to, and training leaders to launch movements in every nation on earth will not be cheap but it is just a fraction of the cost of operating in traditional ways. This is the Endgame of God!  Join us in finishing the Great Commission.
    • Host a D2 (Discovering Discipleship) gathering. We would love to come to your home and share Jesus plan for discipling the nations with you and your mission minded friends and relatives.  Click HERE to request a D2
    • Host an informational webinar. This would be essentially the same as the D2 gathering except that folks can join the meeting from anywhere and no one has entertain guests.  Click HERE to request a D2
    • Invite an IDMI representative to your meeting. We would be more than happy to share what God is doing through DMM, and how you can participate, with your church, Sunday school, or Bible study.
    • Attend a training. We prayerfully go where we are invited and find ourselves training in and out of the US many times each year.  Sign up to attend a training near you or;
    • Host a training. If you are feeling that this is for you but there is no training near you then simply organize a training where you live.  We typically train for 2 full days.  Weekends tend to work best.  Click HERE to request a training.
    • Become a trainer. As the demand for this training continues to increase, so does the number of trainers needed.  After attending the training just once a person may have the training power point.  Typically after 3 times going through the training people find that they feel competent to relay the information to others.
    • Launch a movement. The whole purpose of this ministry is to launch movements!  Hundreds and thousands of movements need to start if we are going to see this world discipled unto Jesus.  So if you do nothing else with what you have learned here; please become a disciple of Jesus who naturally reproduces and makes more disciples of Jesus!