The Congo is one of the most undeveloped nations we’ve ever visited.  As an example of how undeveloped this nation is, the host stated that to get to his home village, he would need to travel up the river Congo for 1-2 MONTHS!  

Some of the attendees walked for days to get to the training.  These people were wonderful and very receptive to the Biblical discipleship training.  Since the training (Late January) some leaders have said, “By operating Jesus way we have been able to accomplish in months (Leading many to follow Christ) what we were not able to accomplish in many years by operating according to man’s traditions.”  We, at The IDMI, are happy to report that other leaders are hearing about the success of these trainees and are inquiring about how they also can receive this training. The movement continues to spread! 


Please pray for this developing nation to experience a move of God that is characterized by countless disciples of Jesus reproducing beyond their imaginations.


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