More people are coming to Christ in the Middle East than ever before in the history of the world!

Most of us don’t think of making disciples of Jesus when we hear “Middle East” but that is changing.

A few years ago a young man attended one of our trainings.  He left the training and began sharing what he had learned with anyone who would listen.  One of those who listened was a businessman.  This businessman understood the powerful simplicity of making Disciples that multiply like Jesus did and he began putting it into practice.  Disciples began to multiply as a result.

A short time later, his employer transferred him to a location in the Middle East.  For nearly a year not much was heard from this businessman.  Then one day, a few months ago, the businessman contacted the man who had attended out training.  This is what he told him.

“I began putting into practice the things you showed me and the results have been amazing!  Groups of Disciples are starting more groups of disciples and now we have a network of about 200 NT churches with about 3000 disciples among them.  And, about 250 of them left their traditional religion to follow Jesus!”

This is the power of Disciple Making Movements!  Obedient followers of Jesus reproducing themselves until everyone on the planet has had a chance to become a disciple of Jesus themselves.

We believe it is the desire of God that everyone who bears His name would mature beyond simply being a christian church member to become an active, reproducing, obedient disciple of Jesus.  If this is the desire of your heart do NOT hesitate to contact us so we can assist you on your journey into Gods preferred future for you.

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