During my time in Argentina I was privileged to train 6 groups over the course of about 2 weeks. The first training was in a place called Paso de los Libres which, they tell me, means “pass of the free.” How appropriate! We were there training them in biblical discipleship which IS turning out to be a pass to freedom!
At the end of this training a pastor was fighting back tears at the end of the training as he became aware of the years he had spent doing things other than making disciples in the way of Jesus.
Being south of the equator the seasons are reversed. As we move into summer in North America, they move into winter in South America. One major difference between here and there is, here we heat our buildings in the winter and there, they put on more clothes. I was NOT prepared for the cold and ended up borrowing jackets for the entire two weeks so I could keep warm. Thank you Adriel Andres for your kind generosity.

Even though the weather was cold, the hearts of the people were very warm and receptive. They welcomed me as a messenger from God bringing the very words of God. I pray that I lived up to that expectation.
They had been praying that God would show them how to make disciples and not simply Christian church members (which is never commanded in scripture). They said that this training was an answer to prayer.
Several of them had already started groups of Disciples in their homes or in the homes of others before I even left the country! One man has started 4 multiplying groups of disciples among 4 different families!
One of the pastors from Paso de los Libres (Pass of the Free) answered saying that the church (has) expanded, now between 20 and 25 families are doing the DBS and most of them are youth…his children’s ministry attendance has increased as well.  To God Be the Glory!
Learning to be Disciples who make disciples with the understanding of the early church truly is a “PASS TO FREEDOM!” Now they are free to be the followers that Christ intended them to be! Now they are free to disciple anyone and everyone who is interested in knowing God! Now they are free from the traditions of men to participate in the original design of the church. Now they are free to fully participate in the Kingdom of God no longer as passive spectators!
Please pray that the movement in Argentina will spread thru the country and to the ends of the earth!
If you find yourself reading this and wondering how you too can become a disciple who makes disciples, don’t hesitate to contact us.
This is Jesus End game to finish the great commission and usher in the Kingdom of God. Please consider joining God in what He is doing through this ministry.

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