Dear friend and partner in the Great Commission.  Please read and reply, letting me know how you are feeling led.

You know the popular definition of insanity, right?  Doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result!

FINISHING the Great Commission is a mathematical impossibility if we don’t utilize an operating system that multiplies followers of Christ (disciples) faster than the population grows.  Utilizing only the man-made, traditional church system will NEVER finish the great commission!  If there is growth at all, it is slower than the population growth.  We desperately need a different operating system!  Thankfully Jesus gave us one about 2000 years ago!

Jesus’ operating system multiplies disciples much faster than the population grows and it isn’t called Christianity.  It is called “First Century Discipleship.”  Without a global shift back to the church’s original operating system, we will NEVER see the Great Commission completed!

More and more church leaders are recognizing this truth.  That is why there is such a resurgence of discipleship in church circles these days.  But there is a problem, far too many people seem to think that if we just do the same thing over and over again, (maybe a little better), that we will have a different result.  It simply isn’t possible!

2 Peter 3:11&12 contains these words,

You ought to live holy and godly lives 12 as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming.”

Let’s be honest, most people we know do NOT look forward to the return of Christ or speed it’s coming.  What about you?  What about me?  Do WE look forward to the Day of Jesus return AND live in such a way that we accelerate the return of Jesus?  Peter assumes we do.

At The IDMI we are all about equipping leaders to help the Christians they lead to mature and develop into reproducing, obedient disciples.  This is critical to the fulfillment of the Great Commission because most Christians (80%) never share their faith and (over 90%) never lead anyone to Christ.  And that, my friends, will not disciple the world, plain and simple!

As our ministry continues to grow, our opportunities to spread Jesus’ original operating system to church leaders also continue to grow.  As the opportunities grow, so does the cost.


PHASE II of Operation Disciple India is expected to:

  • Yield 30 pairs of trainers who will begin multiplying disciples among the 18 major languages of India.
  • Target and Disciple many of the 2000 unreached people groups of India.
  • Create a video training series that will be dubbed into many languages of the world and given to the leaders there.
  • First language will be Telagu which is the language of the majority of the hundreds trained last June.
  • Entire training series will be broadcast on Christian television for the leaders and their congregations to watch after I leave.

India has had the gospel and Christianity for over 1700 years with minimal impact because they were not utilizing the operating system of Jesus.  But the leaders we trained in June recognize that the system of Jesus has the potential to transform India into the greatest mission sending nation the world has ever seen!  Don’t you want to be part of that?  I know I do!

The total cost of this project will be $25,000 and we are trying to raise the funds within the next 4 weeks.  There are still 3+days to contribute in 2017.  Follow the link above to participate.

Please ask yourself, how would the Lord have you participate in this amazing opportunity.

Also, ask yourself who else you know who might want to be part of changing the world through this project.

Who do you know who has had a good year and might be looking for a place to make a contribution in these last 3 days of 2017?

Please pray for the success of this project and about your part in it.

Thank you for your partnership for the Kingdom of Jesus!

God Bless You,

Kurt Olson




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