Africa contains 54 countries and up to 3000 languages which makes it a challenging region to reach. Yet this is where we have seen the greatest results thus far.


Here we have conducted just one training to about 50+ leaders. These leaders grasped hold of what they learned and began putting it into practice.  Disciples began making Disciples who made disciples and today there are over 200,000 disciples of Jesus in simple house churches and discovery bible studies multiplying all over Kenya.

One of the leaders from Kenya recently trained leaders in Tanzania and Malawi and has seen God raise up a leader there who is training and launching movements in those countries.


We have conducted one training here and trained leaders from Rwanda, Burundi, and The Congo. These leaders have put what they learned into practice and have seen thousands of baptisms and hundreds of new fellowships begin in just one year!


Two trainings have been conducted here.  There have been tens of thousands of baptisms and many more new disciples made.  We receive reports of simple churches starting, or of healings, or of salvations almost every day from this country.


Due to a mix-up at the border I was unable to conduct a scheduled training there in Jan. of 2016 but was able to send 2 leaders who had been through the training twice. They did a wonderful job and have been training others ever since.

Due to Civil unrest we have been unable to obtain accurate information from this country but have been asked back to perform a complete training and see the results of the first one.


“This is about half of the group that was baptized. 15-20 became true followers of Jesus! 30-40 leaders were commissioned to do Jesus work Jesus way.”

One pastor of 25 years was quoted as saying, “This training has been the most mind blowing experience of my life!”

Received 2 invitations to return and train a network of 1,000, and 10,000 pastors in 2018!