With over a billion people still contains more unreached people groups than any other nation on earth. We have conducted 2 trainings there and these have had great results. We trained over a hundred pastors and leaders who have applied what they learned and seen thousands become disciples of Jesus Christ. The invitations to come back and train in India are almost too numerous to mention. Please pray for wisdom for us to know which ones to accept. Also pray that the Lord will provide the necessary resources to accomplish the trainings He wants to happen.

OPERATION DISCIPLE INDIA: The IDMI has accepted several invitations to train 1000 leaders in India during June 2017! As these leaders apply what they learn, ten of thousands of disciples will be produced!  We need your help to fulfill this amazing opportunity.   The cost is just $15 per trainee.    Please give your best gift to see this mission succeed to the Glory of God! You can click on the DONATE button, and mark your donation next to ‘International Trainings.’   We thank you, and God Bless you.   You really are participating in “Making Disciples of all Nations.”


With all of the turmoil in the Middle East many Christians have fled to countries. Much of this has been reported in the news. Thailand is a nation that has also been receiving many Christian refugees. Once in the country they struggle to survive because they don’t know the culture, speak the language, and aren’t allowed to legally work. It was to these desperate people that our training was presented. Over 100 attended the training and several including a Muslim woman and child came to true faith in Jesus Christ.

I asked many of these refugees what good had come from them having to leave their own nation because of persecution and without fail they all gave me the same basic answer. They said, “The good that has come is that I met Jesus, or found the Lord, or got truly saved.” At first I was shocked that they had fled their nation and even lost family members but had never been truly born again! You see their religion was just a habit, just a ritualistic system they were born into. Then I began to wonder, “how many of us are like that?” “How many of my loved ones believe in God and have religion but in reality are not born again and saved?” If you have never consciously surrendered your entire existence to the Lordship of Jesus Christ then you are NOT saved even if you have religious habits and believe that God exists. Get saved today! Why wait another minute? If you aren’t 100% positive that you are in a right relationship with God click HERE to learn how you can get right with God today!