Australia is a huge continent of nearly 3 million square miles but with a population of nearly 24 million people. These people primarily live in large urban areas. Thankfully the national language is English. The IDMI currently does not have any DMM’s launched in this nation or in the surrounding Island nations of Tasmania, Papa New Guinea, and New Zealand. So, if you have friends or relatives in this region who have a passion to see their nation discipled for Jesus then please connect us with them, or better yet, get trained and go launch a movement yourself!

At first Glance this country may seem like there isn’t a need to work here because of the high percentage of “Christians” but a deeper investigation reveals a different picture.
Today Australia has 20 people groups who are not “reached” according to the Joshua Project.
Another thing we need to remember is that Christians are not necessarily Disciples of Jesus. Remember that Jesus Command is to make DISCIPLES not Christians. When we consider the fact that most Christians are not yet disciples of Jesus we begin to see how true Jesus statement is “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”