When we look at the final commands of Jesus found in Matthew 28, Mark 16, and Acts 1, we see these words; “Go into all the world” “make disciples of all nations” and “be my witnesses… to the ends of the earth.” It is glaringly obvious, therefore, that this business of serving Jesus involves interacting with the whole world on some level. In Psalm 2 God say’s, “Ask of me and I will give you the nations as your inheritance.” Try it. See what happens. When Isaiah heard God say, “Who will go for us, who shall we send” he said, “Here am I Lord. Send me.” The Lord heard him and He sent him. Have you said that to God? Have you told him that He has free reign in your life and that He has the freedom to use you in any way and send you any place that He so chooses? If you say that to Him and really mean it He will take your life and use it to impact eternity in greater ways than you could have ever imagined! What would stop you from saying that to Him right now? If you do, it won’t be long before you hear Him saying to you the same thing He spoke to his disciples nearly 2000 years ago, “Go I am sending you…” As the Lord gives us opportunities to train leaders and launch movements in regions of the world we prayerfully proceed.

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