Since Jesus said to disciple all nations, that would certainly include the nations of North America. We train here as well as around the world. The need to see disciples multiply in this nation is critical. It is clear to see that this nation is becoming more and more secular. We desperately need to see a tidal wave of obedient disciples sweep across this nation to see it turn to Jesus in obedience.

We have conducted numerous trainings in the USA and each has been a joy. The Lord always connects us with a few who are willing to embrace this biblical teaching and do whatever is necessary to see it bear fruit in their lives!

  • It will take the concerted effort of the global church if we are to finish the great commission in our lifetimes.
  • The church in the US has control of the vast majority of the global churches resources.
  • Pray that the traditional church in America will embrace her roots and embrace biblical discipleship as her only mandate to reach the world.
  • Pray also that the traditional church in the US will make finishing the great commission it’s highest priority and that it’s use of money and resources will reflect that change in priority!