4 trainings have been conducted there and have yielded fruit in varying degrees.
• One congregation made a change to a more biblical model
• A group of young people have committed themselves to making disciples.
• 2 people came to me and said, “I feel like I have been born again, AGAIN!”
• Several groups have started in the amazon forest.
• A pastor who had served for 40 years said, “If we had gotten this teaching in the 1980’s, we’d be living in a different Venezuela today!”
• A congregation in the capitol city


Trained several groups in biblical disciple making and DMM. They received the information with joy. One pastor had tears in his eyes when he said, “Why has no one told us this before? I have been a pastor for 25 years and I have never heard anything like this.”
• I am getting reports that disciples are multiplying. Pray for them to see clearly what to hold on to and what to let go of so that they may have the greatest impact on the Kingdom that is possible.